17th annual international robotic contest
Slovak University of Technology (STU) in Bratislava
April 22nd, 2017

     R E S U L T S   

Copmplete results with times, points, etc. are available.

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     R E S U L T S   


  1. Robot s064 (Jakub Mimlich, Michal Gahér) Nové Mesto nad Váhom
  2. Robot Cvrček2 (Jozef Ondrejovič) Sklené arduino
  3. Robot Čárobot03 (Jiří Klikar) Chýně czech


  1. Robot Nite 4 (Lukáš Pariža) z Trstenej
  2. Robot Missile Bot III (Ján Hudec) z Bratislavy
  3. -----

Ketchup house

  1. Robot Potato (Robert Kristof, Jakub Treszczyński, Jakub Czyżyk, Agata Herman, Dominika Olejniczak) Rybnik polska
  2. Robot MART Friday Bot (David Obdržálek) z Prahy czech arduino
  3. Robot ZBERATEL (Martin Hošek, Lukáš Hošek, Ondrej Škorňák, Ľudovit Baranček) Partizánske

Flying challenge

  1. Dron R-Gale 220 (Maroš Mikláš) Vráble (AUTONOMOUS)
  2. Dron Kačyca XXL001 (Peter Ťapák) Bratislava (AUTONOMOUS)
  3. Dron Koptéris (Richard Kováč, Marco Pintér) Nové Zámky (REMOTE)

Robot sprint

  1. Robot Jonatán (Vladimír Beňák, Martin Psotka) Visolaje
  2. Robot NAO (Anton Cvik) Ratnovce
  3. Robot Nosáľ (Jozef Ondrejovic, Peter Ondrejovic) Sklené arduino
Free style
  • 1. Robot Robot Robot s ramenom a LCD (Marek Lörinc) Bojničky
  • 2. Robot AnyWay 2.0 (Patrik Štefka) Krajné
  • 3. Robot Fbot v4 (Richard Kováč, Marco Pintér, Richard Baláž) Nové Zámky
  • 3. Robot Branko (Tilen Tadej Žafran, Tadej Vidovič, Aljaž Šešo, Žiga Smolinger, Niko Visočnik and Tomi Žerak [ŠC Ptuj VSŠ Atomnius Team]) Lovrenc na Dravskem Polju

Prix Jury

  • For freestyle: Robot Snake Charmers (Michal Tuchyňa, Bibiana Remiašová) Bánov lego

     P R O G R A M    22. 4. 2017

   09:00  Registration start, finished at 10:00 	

   09:30  Homologation and first two runs in Linefollower category
   10:00  Qualification Micromouse
   10:00  Free style exhibition start
   10:30  Qualification Flying Challenge
   11:00  Qualification Ketchup House
   12:00  Qualifications Robot Sprint
   12:00  Flying Challenge - Final.

   13:00  Lunch break

   14:00  Opening ceremony

   14:05  Linefollower - final.
   14:30  Micromouse - final.
   15:00  Ketchup house - final.
   15:30  Robot sprint - final.
   16:00  Free style - best 4 robots.

   16:30  Awarding ceremony.


During the breaks between the categories You can see also:

  • National robotic centre live
  • Interconnection Matlab with Lego EV3, Arduino and Raspberry Pi (Humusoft)
  • 3D printing and creations of FabLab
  • Projects of Slovak assosiation for space activities SOSA - SkCube
  • Flying drones by Uavonic
  • And you can visit the largest Slovak game tournament - y-games in the next building.

 [ NaCeRo ] [ Humusoft ]
 [ SOSA ]  [ 3D Printer ]
 [ y-games ]


  • How to reach us?

    See also here for driving instructions...

    Closest public transport stations: Botanicka zahrada (southern of the school, trams and buses), ZOO (northeast of the school, bus only).

  • Accomodation
    We don't provide any accomodation not the reservation for participants. We can recommend following accomodation for reasonable price. It has got sufficient capacity and it can be easily reached from the contest place also by public transport (bus No. 32).

  • Food
    During the contest between 8:00 and 15:00 there will be a buffet open at the university. It offers cool foods and drinks. Also some drink automats are available. There are drinks for registered contestants available too.
  • Testing April 21st, 2017

    Testing is possible on Friday, April 21st, from 17:00 to 20:00 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology STU (Bratislava, Ilkovicova 3) block D.
    Labyrinth, linefollower, robot sprint and ketchup house playgrounds will be available.


    • prof. Ing. Peter Hubinský, PhD. (URK FEI STU) - chairman
    • RNDr. Andrej Lúčny, PhD. (Robotika.SK) - Linefollower
    • Ing. Juraj Slačka, PhD. (URK FEI STU) - Micromouse
    • Ing. Martin Dekan, PhD. (URK FEI STU) - Ketchup House
    • doc. Ing. František Duchoň, PhD. (URK FEI STU) - Robot Sprint
    • Bc. Juraj Bobošík (URK FEI STU) - Flying challenge
    • Ing. Lukáš Palkovič, PhD. (Aerobtec) - Freestyle

    Istrobot 2017

    Announcing 17th annual international robotic contest Istrobot! We will meet on Saturday, April 22nd, 2017 as usually at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of the Slovak University of Technology (STU) in Bratislava.

    Flying Challenge 2017

    As we previously announced, this category was significantly changed. An evaluation is based on points which gives more chances to the autonomous devices. That was also reason to change the obstacles. They are now more visible and much easier to detect. In addition to already allowed own navigational markers there are our, defined markings. Last, but not least, there is also a random element in the path, so the fixed, pre-programmed drone will not succeed.


    You can download poster in both Slovak and English mutations or graphics to be used on your web.


    To design and development of your robot, we offer you the licence for newest version of the MATLAB plus Simulink software with few additional toolboxes. Also you can use the hardware support for NXT, EV3, Arduino, BeagleBoard and Raspberry Pi platforms. Licence is valid for one year and all registered participants are allowed to use it.
    For more information visit www.mathworks.com/academia.

    Categories and rules

    Robots will compete in following categories:



    The task is to construct an autonomous robot that will complete the racing track and negotiate all its pitfalls. It contains several obstacles - for example a bridge, tunnel to pass through and a brick to be avoided..



    The task is to construct a robot that can autonomously solve a maze and achieve the goal in the shortest time. When the robot tracks the right hand wall it will solve the maze, but not in the shortest possible time.


    Ketchup house

    In this category the task is to localize and sort ketchup cans in the storage. Two robots compete, winner is faster and more precise robot.



    In this category, competitors are encouraged to demonstrate their robotics creations which do not fit into other categories. The winner is appointed according to the jury judgment.


    Flying challenge

    The task is to build the flying machine which is able to float the specified track in the arena and brings the payload to the goal in the shortest time. For the first, pilot year of the contest it is allowed to use also the remote control for machines.


    Robot sprint

    In preparation. Soon...


    Common rules

    For each category also the common rules apply. They deals mainly with the safety issues and materials.