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  1. Introduction
  2. Contest
  3. Jury
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  6. Sponsors
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During the winter term 1999/2000 at the Department of Automation and Control of the Faculty of Electronics and Informatics of Slovak technical university in Bratislava (FEI STU) was announced contest of mobile autonomous robots. The scope was to support off-school activity and to popularize new technologies.

The task was to pass given path as soon as possible. Path was labeled as a 15 mm dark line. There was expected also different obstacles. Such a task is every day solved also in real applications, e.g. in deposits.

Details are in rules - now in Slovak language only :-(

All the information about the contest may be found in contest's homepage


The day D was 10th may 2000 at the Faculty of Electrotechnics and Informatics Auditorium was full, the contest was not only technically interesant, but also attractive and exciting for spectators. Especially audience was the base of exciting atmosphere, they drive with each robot and applaud each succesful crossing of the obstacle.

Auditorium was full
Fig. 1. Auditorium was full

Head of the Department of Automation and Control, prof. Ing. Ladislav Jurisica, PhD., did open the contest with short speech, where also the jury was introduced.

Then Mr. Richard Balogh, did briefly explain the task and rules, especially for the auditory.

Contestants did allot order of their rides and prepared for start. First drive was easier, because there was not obstacle - small brick on the path. In spite of that was robot Pathfinder (P. Lacko) and Mobot I and Mobot II (A. Diosi) did master the path without problems.

Everybody was interested about the second drive, how did robots manage the brick on the path. Pathfinder did vaccilate, but finally it begin to round the brick. But, unfortunatelly, it was unable to find the path again. Stormy applaus was dedicated to the Mobot I, which round the obstacle with nice briliancy. Much greater was regret from the second unsuccessful trial of Mr. Palencar. Mobot II of Mr. Diosi did manage an obstacle also without problems.

Mobot II rounds an obstacle. Last round was succesfula also for Pathfinder, which finally successfully managed the brick on the path and did arrive in shortest time. Unfortunately, he did missed the victory. Absolute winner was Mobot II, constructed by Alber Diosi. He obtained the bonus 100 points for all three succesful trials.

The jury did rate not only the shortest time, but also design, construction, safety and robot's intelligency.

Albert Diosi did win not only with Mobot II, on the first place, but also on sedcond place with older model Mobot I. Thrid place was for Pathfinder of Peter Lacko. Robot Iber I unfortunately did not finish not even one trial.

Prof. Jurisica devolved prices on winner and other contestants, did thanks to the audience and invited all to next-year contest.


Jury consists of people from department and collaborating companies:

The jury carefully watches the contest. Prof.Ing. Ladislav Jurisica, PhD. (Dept. of Automation and Control)
Ing. Juraj Gacho (Dept. of Automation and Control)
Ing. Jozef Omelka (MicroStep - HDO)
Mr. Pavol Nittnaus (Volkswagen Slovakia)

Ing. Richard Balogh (Dept. of Automation and Control)

Fig. 3. The jury carefully watching the contest.


Four contestants did registerm but one of them did not appear. So we have three contestants with four robots. In the following table are their names in the alloted order for their trials:

           Author                 Semester                 Robot     
        Peter Lacko                  4                 Pathfinder
        Albert Diosi                 9                 Mobot II
        Jan Palencar                 11                Iber I
        Albert Diosi                 9                 Mobot I

Winner - Albert Diosi Third place - Peter Lacko
Obr. 4. Prices for the winner.            Obr. 5. Third place for Mr. Peter Lacko.


Prices for winners we did obtain from sponsoring companies

Department of Automation
Volkswagen Slovakia
Volkswagen Slovakia
MicroStep HDO
MicroStep - HDO
Datalan, s.r.o.
Datalan, Ltd.

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