Technical information

Contest path

The path was build on the top of four ordinary writing-desks 60x150 cm. It was painted with black mat color on common paper. Total length is 6 m, measured part is 5 m long. At the beginning was a starting circle, then 50 cm part for finding the line and contest path itself. Path did contain various obstacles:

The most difficult was to round the brick, the tunnel and interrupted line did not make significant problems.

Special kind of disturbances were random changes of path illumination due to taking photos and video sequences. But not even flashes did makes some problems.

From contestants point of view, the path had very good quality and sensors used did perfectly detect its margins.

The whole path is on the figure (click to enlarge):

Contest path.
Obr. 6. Overall view of our path.

Click me to enlarge.
Obr. 7. Shape of the path with obstacles.


Author and responsible: Richard Balogh. Last update: May 31, 2000